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- Model CAPP - Electronic Pipette



The CappMaestro™ Electronic Pipette has been specially programmed by DTK for use in water testing chemistry titration. The Capp Maestro™ focuses on accuracy and simplicity, whilst being cost efficient. The Capp Maestro™ is easy to use and the user can familiarize one self with the functions in a matter of minutes. The Capp Maestro™ Electronic Pipette is a high quality alternative to the brand handy-step titrator, offering many advantages over the existing titration options.

In addition to normal pipetting functions, The Capp Maestro™ also allows you to choose other modes such as reverse pipetting, multi dispensing, mixing and sequential dispensing.

The O-rings on the tip bases provide an excellent fit with a great variety of universal fitting tips.

  • More cost effective than titration cartridges.
  • light-weight.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Full colour LCD display.
  • Simple single button operation.
  • Compact design only 27 cm long.
  • Will aspirate maximum 1000µl (1.0 ml).
  • Dispenses in multiples 50µl (0.05 ml).
  • Will dispense up to 20 x 50µl (1.0 ml)
  • Records total volume dispensed in µl.
  • Records number of 50µl dosed.
  • High powered rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Mains adapter included.
  • Option to zero counter without dispensing.
  • Option to quick discharge.

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