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  • Test Instruments

  • DTK - Model R200 & BR250 - Borescope / Wireless Inspection Camera

    DTK - Model R200 & BR250 - Borescope / Wireless Inspection Camera

    A further 20% discount is available on the BR250 until the 30th of July 2020. The BR200 & BR250 are both versatile Borescopes with detachable LCD screens. The screen can be viewed up to 10 meters from the source making it ideal for applications where access is limited.

  • DTK Checkit - Comparator

    DTK Checkit - Comparator

    Our high quality Lovibond CHECKIT comparator is available with a wide range of parameter specific discs to suit many analytical requirements. DTK Water supply a large range of comparator discs as well as all the necessary reagents and additional equipment.The list below shows the ordering information for the Lovibond CHECKIT Comparator and accessories.To see our wide range of Comparator Test Kits and Comparator Discs click Here

  • Test Instruments - Conductivity Meters

  • DTK - Model DTK 2017SD - Multi Parameter Water Quality Meter

    DTK - Model DTK 2017SD - Multi Parameter Water Quality Meter

    Using interchangeable probes, this versatile meter reads pH, mV, Conductivity, TDS, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature and ORP. Not having to remove the probes to change them makes the DTK 2017SD extrememly versatile and a favourite amongs those in the industry. The display simultaneously reads temperature in user selectable °C & °F, and all measurements are automatically temperature compensated. In addition to this the DTK 2017SD comes with an...

  • DTK - Model CD 4307SD - Conductivity Probe

    DTK - Model CD 4307SD - Conductivity Probe

    The meter is supplied with 6 x AA batteries and conductivity probe.Each meter is supplied with a certificate of conformity which is valid for 12 months. Most types of meters can be sent to our laboratory for an annual calibration which is valid for 12 months. For confirmation on which meters can be calibrated please contact DTK Water.

  • Test Instruments - Titration Equipment

  • Maestro - Model CAPP - Electronic Pipette

    Maestro - Model CAPP - Electronic Pipette

    The CappMaestro™ Electronic Pipette has been specially programmed by DTK for use in water testing chemistry titration. The Capp Maestro™ focuses on accuracy and simplicity, whilst being cost efficient. The Capp Maestro™ is easy to use and the user can familiarize one self with the functions in a matter of minutes. The Capp Maestro™ Electronic Pipette is a high quality alternative to the brand handy-step titrator, offering many...

  • Photometers- Lovibond MD Series

  • DTK - Model MD100 - Photometer

    DTK - Model MD100 - Photometer

    The MD100 uses high quality interference filters with long-life LEDs as a light source without any moving parts in a transparency sample chamber. The units supply accurate, reproducible results very quickly. Other major advantages include ease of operation, ergonomic design, compact dimensions and safe handling. The calibration and software-based adjustment options mean that the MD100 is also suitable for use as a testing instrument.

  • Photometers- Primelab

  • Primelab - Model 1.0 - Photometer

    Primelab - Model 1.0 - Photometer

    The “PrimeLab 1.0 Multitest” is a photometer of the latest generation. With only one light source and the JENCOLOR multi-spectral sensor used exclusively in the PrimeLab, it is possible to measure all water parameters where the water sample is visibly discoloured after addition of a reagent. The excellent accuracy of the JENCOLOR sensor even allows self-calibration of the system at the press of a button.

  • Test Kits

  • DTK - Boiler Water Test Kit

    DTK - Boiler Water Test Kit

    The DTK comprehensive Boiler Test Kit has been developed specifically for engineers and treatment professionals responsible for the maintaining and management of boiler systems. This test kit has been designed to include the key parameters which enable the monitoring of samples in these water systems ensuring optimum operating conditions are maintained.

  • DTK - Model PELI -iM2620 - Storm Cases

    DTK - Model PELI -iM2620 - Storm Cases

    DTK Water are official distributors of the market leading Peli Storm Case range. Peli Storm Cases have quickly built a reputation for being amongst the strongest, most resilient, protective waterproof cases available today. The Peli Storm Case comes in 3 different sizes with a choice of customisable foams giving superb protection to your equipment. Peli Storm Cases are frequently the ideal choice for people looking for a waterproof, dust proof, or a...

  • Test Instruments -Air Quality Testing

  • DTK - Model CO10 - Carbon Monoxide Meter

    DTK - Model CO10 - Carbon Monoxide Meter

    The CO10 Carbon Monoxide Meter will give you the flexibility to monitor air conditions in rugged environments whilst being portable and affordable. The CO10 uses a dual display to show current and maximum readings. This coupled with 250 hours of battery life means it is very robust and an excellent choice for the field. The unit only weighs 130 grams and has an auto shut off feature.