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- Model DM 152 - Pressure Control Valves



Single-seat, angled design suitable for small and medium flow rates | usable for liquids, gases and steam | completely made of deep-drawn CrNiMo-steel (316L) – surface finish possible up to Ra ≤ 0.25 μm | virtually pocket-free, is corrosion-resistant, lightweight and compact | elastomers as per FDA and USP Class VI, hygienic class HE5 | reduced preheating time for CIP/SIP procedures, less energy needed | adjusting screw as a function of display, easy-to-maintain owing to the clamp system | TRI-CLAMP connections or DIN/ISO clamp connections | can be actuated pneumatically, spring cap available with leakage line connection and adjusting screw seal

The spring module comprising bonnet, spring, adjusting screw,diaphragm and internal components, is connected to the valve body only by means of a clamp ring and two bolts. Changing the diaphragm or the complete spring assembly for a different control pressure range is extremely simple and does not call for special tools. The same applies to servicing and maintenance. Changing the control pressure setting does not affect the height of the valve (non increasing adjusting screw). The outlet pressure to be controlled is balanced across the diaphragm by the force of the valve spring (set pressure). As the outlet pressure rises above the pressure set using the adjusting screw, the valve cone moves towards the seat and the volume of medium is reduced. As the outlet pressure drops the valve control orifice increases; when the pipeline is depressurised the valve is open. Rotating the adjusting screw clockwise increases the outlet pressure. These valves are no shut-off elements ensuring a tight closing of the valve. In accordance with the VDI/VDE guideline 2174 a leakage rate of 0.05 percent of the constant volume flow is permitted for the valve in closed position.

  • Connection DN : 15-50
  • Nominal Ressure PN : 2.5-10
  • Inlet Ressure : Up to 8 bar
  • Outlet Ressure : 0.3-5
  • Kvs-Value : 2 - 7 m3/h
  • Temperature : 180 °C
  • Medium : liquids, gases and steam

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