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Environmental concerns over wastewater seepage and aging residential laterals in older neighborhoods have made lateral repair and replacement big business around the world. RS Technik, a European organization that has specialized in forward-thinking solutions for the plumbing industry for more than a quarter of a century, recognized the need for a fast, affordable and effective way to address this growing demand. The result is the MaxLiner System. After more than a decade of engineering, testing and perfecting, the MaxLiner System is now available to provide even small plumbers and contractors throughout America with an affordable, long-lasting, quick, easy, reliable and trenchless system of lateral repair.

How MaxLiner improves pipe performance
Hydraulic tests prove that the MaxLiner System™ restores at least 100% of original flow capacity to the relined pipe, despite the minimal loss in diameter. The secret is our ultra-smooth finish and the way it evens out bends and joints in existing pipelines.

In addition, the MaxPox™ epoxy bonds the liner to the pipe wall, preventing water from getting between the liner and existing pipe... and stopping erosion and corrosion immediately. Better yet, field and laboratory tests conclude that tree roots cannot penetrate or attack the MaxPox™ epoxy resin, ensuring root-free performance for the life of the pipe. A MaxLiner relined pipe actually performs as reliably, if not better, than a replacement pipe - with no digging!

What makes the MaxLiner System™ better
One thing that sets the MaxLiner System apart is that it's a complete system, with each component designed and calibrated to easily produce consistent, superior quality results... every time. Tested, proven and perfected to stringent standards in residential and commercial applications throughout the world, the MaxLiner System is small enough to fit into your existing service vehicles and needs just two or three workers to get the job done - in less than one day. Better yet, there are no expensive franchising or licensing fees, so it's easy to grow your business without high start-up costs. Add it all up and it's the easiest, most affordable and most dependable system in the industry!

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