- Model MK5 / MK10 - Calibration System



The calibration system MK5/MK10 is equipped with standard modules for the different methods of generating span gas based on the specific application. The generated span gas is provided depressurized for output. The MK5 series can be equipped with max. 5, the MK10 series with max. 10 modules. Used to calibrate gas analyzers in labs, service applications, quality assurance, and in autom. measuring networks.

Span gas generation method:

  • Gas dilution (mass flow control)
  • Permeation
  • Ozone generator
  • Gas phase titration (ozone in span gas mixture)
  • Vapor saturation
  • Continuous injection

Based on the utilized modules - different modules can also be integrated into a system
Concentration adjustment:

Manual setting of nominal values with potentiometers for gas flow, temperature (in case of permeation or vapor saturation), UV intensity (ozone generator)

Additional module:

  • Flow meter to indicate excess span gas
  • Selector valves for connecting analyzer on measuring gas/zero gas /span gas with manual and remote-controlled operation (open collector, contacts)
  • Module to preset several nominal gas flow values (e.g., for multipoint calibration; can be switched with keys or by remote-control) 

Case dimensions:

  • MK5: 19 inch 4 RU
  • MK10: 19 inch 7 RU
  • Either as tabletop or rack mount model

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