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- Model QS - Screw Disc Press



Disc Press QS is a screw press for thickening and dewatering of sludge and wet waste.

  • Self cleaning screw press for sludge dewatering. Perfect for greasy sticky sludges and wet waste.
  • Big wet area enables thickening and dewatering in one machine.
  • Silent & vibration free operation with low rpm.
  • Very low energy consumption and almost no water consumption.
  • Robust stainless construction allows high torque and dewatering efficiency
  • Enclosed, safe and hygienic with easy to open access doors.

The sludge is conveyed by the screw through a tube of stacked thin ring shaped discs. As the screw rotates the discs are moved and the filtrate is drained out between the discs. The design gives a large filtrate draining capacity and is totally self cleaning by the discs own movement.

Disc Press QS uses the very same principle as our Cross Screen XS which gives us extensive knowledge on self cleaning disc technology.

  • Dryness: 5-30%
  • Capacity: 5-800 kgTS/h
  • Motored gears: SEW and Nord
  • Material: EN1.4301. EN1.4404 or by client demand

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