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- Model RP - Ram Hydraulic Conveyor Press



Ram Press RP is a hydraulic conveyor press that compacts, dewaters, and conveys screenings and wet waste.

  • Robust quality stainless construction enables high compaction forces and good dewatering.
  • Modern design on well proven concept. Conveys long distances >10m.
  • Stainless steel hydraulic power unit.
  • Selectable perforation type for high dewatering and good drainage.
  • Enclosed, safe & hygienic.


It consists of a pipe with a hydraulic ram that forces the material into a pipe system or a counter forcing device creating back pressure for compaction and dewatering.

  • Height: 300-700 mm
  • Diameter: 150-400 mm
  • Inlet length: 500-1500 mm
  • Dryness: 20-30%
  • Capacity: 0,5-4m3/h
  • Motored gears: SEW and Nord
  • Material: EN1.4301, EN1.4404 or by client demand

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