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Membrane Filtration (Fine Filtration)


Water Standard’s MF systems are available in two absolute filtration ranges: ultrafiltration and microfiltration. Recognizing that injectivity requirements vary significantly between reservoirs, MF provides an absolute barrier to particles/suspended solids and therefore water injectivity will be excellent compared to media or cartridge filtration. That is, MF filtrate contains virtually no suspended solids, which eliminates external or internal cake formation and solids perforation or matrix plugging. MF can also reduce reservoir biofouling as a function of colloidal and microbial reduction.

Compared to media filters, Water Standard’s MF systems reduce weight and footprint by 10-50% due to its compact and lightweight components, depending on flow and availability specification. Membrane filtration also reduces downstream equipment needs in a SRP or low salinity flooding application by eliminating cartridge filtration. Due to the absolute barriers aspect of MF, cartridge filters are not necessary, thereby eliminating a biofouling weak spot as well as reducing weight, footprint, and costs. Furthermore, MF requires less chemical when compared to media and cartridge filtration as a result of removing coagulant addition for filtration.

Because membrane filtration is a pressurized process, along with membrane deaeration it allows removal of the injector booster pumps in a process, providing additional weight, space, and cost savings.

Water Standard is diligently working to reduce the footprint and weight burdens of conventional pretreatment systems by offering MF systems in multiple designs. Horizontal and vertical systems allow footprint flexibility for various configurations needed to integrate the technology into both greenfield and brownfield applications.

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