Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

- Model 173018 - Spectroquant® Prove 600


Spectroquant® Prove 600 offers high-resolution optics with cuvettes of up to 100 mm, the compact device is perfect for complex kinetics or spectral measurements. Preprogrammed for the most sensitive silicate and chloride tests, you can detect the lowest analyte concentrations and avoid damages to cooling and boiler water systems. The huge advantage of this test kit is that it can be stored at room temperature. Prove 600 is also compatible with 100 mm formats for even greater sensitivity. Spectroquant® Prove 600 is built to last and resistant to most chemicals used in process water analysis. It also offers multiple ways to securely transfer data: use the USB ports to connect the spectrophotometer to your printer or to save selected data on a flash drive. AQA Prime makes analytical quality assurance extremely secure and easy for process water analysis. You have a clear overview of AQA status, information, updates and options.

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