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Ambient air quality is critical for our health and the environment. MARGA is a fully autonomous sampling and measurement system that continuously measures the water-soluble gas and aerosol components that have a direct effect on air quality. These results can then be used to study the formation of aerosols from their precursor gases and how their concentration and composition vary with diurnal and seasonal cycles.

  • Single software controls sampling and analysis and displays full diagnostic information
  • Simultaneous measurement of water-soluble gas and aerosol components by a dual ion chromatograph
  • Time resolution of 1 hour, with full results available 1 hour after sample collection
  • Unattended operation for up to 2 weeks based on 10 L absorbent solution
  • Measurement with internal standard which eliminates the need for calibration


First, air is drawn in to the sampling unit by a vacuum pump. Before the air sample enters the instrument, the maximum size of particulate matter (PM) can be selected by placing a size selective inlet (e.g., PM10 or PM2.5).

The water-soluble gases are absorbed in a Wet Rotating Denuder device, and then the water-soluble ions in the aerosols are extracted in a Steam-Jet Aerosol Collector.


You can rely on superior dosing repeatability and accuracy, as the 2060 MARGA is equipped with Metrohm Dosinos to ensure precise sample handling. Metrohm Dosinos have a resolution of 10,000 increments across the entire piston stroke and thus enable extremely precise dosing.

Each hour, two separate dosing units collect either the gas or aerosol sample simultaneously.

The third Dosino is used for transferring each sample to the online ion chromatograph.


A dual-channel ion chromatograph, based on Metrohm’s 940 Professional IC Vario series, automatically analyzes the ions from the collected gas and aerosol samples. An internal standard is added during the measurement for self-calibration and an instant performance check of the IC column.

Low reagent consumption enables unattended operation of either 1 week (1.0 m3/h) or 2 weeks (0.5 m3/h)*

*Estimate based on the consumption of 10 L absorbent solution.


The 2060 MARGA is operated by Metrohm Process Analytics’ 2060 software in combination with Metrohm’s MagIC Net software. This intuitive, easy-to-use software records all data with validation indicators for each result so that you can trust and report with confidence.

The 2060 MARGA is designed for monitoring in remote locations but never far from home – using a direct internet connection. Therefore, its performance can be remotely measured, adjustments can be made, and results can be downloaded at any time.


MARGA was developed by Metrohm Process Analytics in cooperation with the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and the U.S. EPA. Furthermore, it has been verified by the U.S. EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV).

After the commercial launch in 2006, the MARGA has been used worldwide at >100 locations contributing data to many environmental monitoring programs and studies.

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