- Extra Heavy Duty Hard Metal Slurry Pumps XM


XM hard metal, extra heavy duty large size slurry pumps are designed for the most arduos pumping applications. The rugged wet end is designed with extra thick metal sections at known points of wear and the high aspect ratio impeller ensures excellent performance with long life. Flowrates to 10 000 m3/hr - 44 000 usgpm. Heads up to 75 m - 250 ft.

XM slurry pumps are suitable for:

  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Extra heavy duty highly abrasive slurries
  • SAG and AG mill discharge recirculation duties
  • Cyclone feed - Mine refuse and tailings
  • Industrial processing
  • Mill discharge
  • Coal and power plant ash
  • Sand and gravel
  • Medium duty abrasive slurries
  • In plant slurry transfer pumps

Main benefits of the XM pump are:

  • Modular design technology
  • Robust construction designed for highly abrasive, maximum duty
  • Computer aided designed thick volute casings and heavy duty large diameter impellers, carefully matched, to provide high efficiency, hydraulics for even wear
  • Materials used are the very best available, providing both excellent wear properties and corrosion resistance
  • Self contained bearing cartridge assembly with oversized shaft and anti-friction bearings
  • Various shaft seal options
  • Ease of maintenance

Main features of the XM pump are:

State of the art computer aided design provides an extremely robust, yet compact, end suction pump. The carefully executed modular design technology allows optimum pump and material selection. These pumps operate at or near their highest efficiency, thereby
reducing both the rate of wear and the power consumed.
Maximum interchangeability of spares is also ensured, including material options.

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