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Model 2m x 50m - RCR MAT Waterproofing Base Lining Geotextile



Our RCR MAT is priced on application, please contact us for details and quotations.

This base lining can be used for a variety of liquid containment applications such as:

  • lining of lagoons
  • pond attenuation
  • ornamental ponds
  • trench lining
  • water courses
  • water features
  • creation of wetlands
  • reed beds
  • moat liner
  • canals
  • landfill sites
  • ground contamination barrier

This unique system or pre-hydrated natural sodium bentonite is ideal for providing long term resistance to contamination for a wide variety of projects. This long term effectiveness and reliability are assured by our emphasis on rigorous, ongoing life span testing of all its materials with a wide variety of permeants.

It offers the dual advantage of being equally effective whether used to prevent contamination reaching unpolluted water or to contain contaminated materials in order to protect the surrounding environment. The RCR MAT system is sufficiently practical and flexible to ovecome the most difficult ground conditions or the most arduous design criteria.

The RCR MAT must be laid onto a firm, smooth surface with absolutely no debris, sharp points, roots or other obstructions. It should be placed in the trench at the top of any slope and laid parallel to the direction of the slope. Throughout light rainfall installation can still continue, providing the backfilling process is ongoing. No specialist equipment or training required. Full details available on request.

The RCR MAT is rolled on cores with a diameter of 225mm. Each roll is sealed in airtight polyethylene film. These are sheathed in hardboard and banded prior to dispatch for protection during handling and transport. They should be stored in a dry and stable area. The rolls can be stacked three high in the unopened state. Once the rolls have been opened they must be stored in cover or protected by a weather-proof sheet.

1 roll 2m x 50m = 100sqm. Average weight of one roll is 850kg. 800mm diameter x 2,010mm width approximate size.

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