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Model AFS 150 - Automated HEPA/ULPA Filter Scanning Test System



The Automated Filter Scanner Test System AFS 150 is designed to meet the requirements of testing air filters according to EN1822-4 = leackage test/filterscan andEN 1822-5 = integral separation efficiency test (analogousISO 29463-4/ -5) with a high grade of automatisation. Main components of the test rig for testing high efficiency particulate air filters (EPA, HEPA, ULPA) are:

  • Air flow system with flow rate measurement and inlet filter
  • Filter holder cabinet
  • Upstream particle instrumentation (Aerosol Generator ATM 220, particle counter with Aerosol Dilution System DIL 550)
  • Scanning traverse with downstream sampling probe, particle counter (optional air velocity probe)
  • Electrics, PLC control and Windows software

  • Constant test conditions acc. to guideline EN 1822-4 by automated test procedure
  • Effective testing of bigger quantities
  • Automatic issue of a test report as quality assurance during filter production process – also available for cost-effective test rig version with manual test
  • Flexible use for varying filter dimensions
  • Costumer-specific data reports/ test reports possible
  • Easy-to-use control and data acquisition software AFS150Win

The test filter clamped in the filter holder is passed by a test volume flow and charged with a test aerosol. Leak detection and filtration efficiency measurement is performed automatically. The relevant test data and results are logged.

The system works in overpressure mode. The test air is taken from the ambient air and purified by a HEPA filter after passing through the flow measuring device. Behind the filter to be tested, the scanning traverse is located with the sampling probe of the downstream particle counter.

The data acquisition as well as the control of the entire system is done by the PC placed on a separate movable computer desk.

Throughout the whole testing process (scan) unfiltered air and clean air concentrations are measured continuously, each with a separate particle counter. On the basis of particles counted during the test on the downstream side (clean air side) of the test filter the total filtration efficiency is calculated and possible leaks graphically displayed.

Characteristics of the Automated Filter Scanner test system AFS 150 are:

  • Mounting of filters with different filter dimensions:
    from 1 ft  x 1 ft x 0.1 ft to 4 ft x 6 ft x1 ft (305 mm x 305 mm x 40 mm to 1220 mm x 1830 mm x 300 mm)
  • Smaller filters can be tested while mounting some together
  • All functions of the test rig are controlled by PC
  • Flow rate: from 200 to 5000 m³/h (face velocity 0.45 m/s)
  • Differential pressure: max. 1000 Pa
  • For particle measurement an Automated Filter Scanning System is used
  • Test procedure according to EN 1822 for HEPA and ULPA Filters
  • Overall test bench dimensions 10 m x 4 m x 2.5 m (l x w x h)

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