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FREYLIT Umwelttechnik GmbH

Model EKOLIT Series - Recycling System



All Recycling Systems have the same purpose: Remove solids from the wash water (to avoid damage to car surface and clogging up of valves and nozzles of the car wash) and kill bacteria (to avoid bad smell and illness or customers and workers from bacteria). The EKOLIT system is in both functions the most efficient and economical worldwide.

FOUR-Stage Solids Removal by

  • The stainless steel pump protector coarse screen to block out solid waste (>3mm) such as tissue paper, cigarette butts, etc. and preventing it from entering the system
  • The Hydro-Cyclone removes heavy dirt particles (silt & sand)
  • DAF Dissolved Air Floatation will floatate light suspended solids to the surface of the reactor tank from where they are drained away
  • Micro Filters with 20 or 50 micron mesh size remove even the finest solids from the wash water

TWO-Stage De-germing process:

  • A High Voltage Electrode (HVE) kills bacteria by electricity
  • The well proven FREYLIT Water Stabilizer activates the recycled water for re-use

Removal of Algae:

When wash chemicals are mixed together with dirt and exposed to sunlight algae will grow. These algae will stick to pipes, tanks, car wash and other surfaces and act as a culture for bacteria. These bacteria will cause bad odour. To combat this problem Freylit developed the high voltage electrode, which does not only kill bacteria, but is also very effective in preventing the growth of algae.


  • PLC controlled. No intervention of workers needed.
  • Micro filters are equipped with fully automated back flush system


  • No need for constantly refilling chemicals or bacteria cultures, or generating Ozone, or any other inputs for de-germing the water
  • No need for Ozone which damages cables, hoses and seals of the car wash
  • No need for changing any filter cartages or other consumables


Maintenance (about only two times per year) is limited to

  • cleaning the pump protector by built in compressed air back-flush
  • cleaning Hydro-Cyclone nozzle and filter insert mesh
  • cleaning HVE and reactor tank


  • Over 25 years of FREYLIT experience with wash water recycling have gone into the development of the EKOLIT system. Strictest quality controls ensure that every FREYLIT system will benefit from this experience.
  • Austrian design, made in the EU guarantees state of the art technology
  • Pneumatic fully automated controls ensure safe operation
  • Only high quality components from first class international suppliers are used in the manufacturing of EKOLIT

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