Model JB510 - SPRB Bales Systems



The Hillco SPRB System produces quality bales with the lowest ash (dirt) content, highest digestibility, and densest material of any other corn stover bales on the market. By removing mostly the upper portion of the plant, SPRB System bales remove minimal plant nutrients from the soil; making single pass baling asustainableoption year after year.


  • The SPRB System produces a higher quality and cleaner bale than traditional corn stalk bales. The bales created are even and dense, weighing approximately 1750 lbs.
  • Feedstock - Feed analysis testing indicates that SPRB System bales have higher quality characteristics vs. traditional corn stalk bales when used as roughage in a feed ration.
  • Low Ash Content - SPRB System bales are proven to have lower ash ('dirt') content than traditional stalk bales because the material never touches the ground prior to baling.
  • Grindability - Reports indicate the fine, compact material in SPRB Bales processes faster than traditional stalk bales saving valuable time and money.

Spout Rotate
Adjustable Spout - Linear Actuated Spout tip rotates 40° side to side and mechanically adjustable 10° +/- up and down for optimal material stream control. Spout pivots with chopper for easy shoe access.
Spread/Collect Gate
In Collect Mode the gate is up and material is diverted into the spout. In Spread Mode the gate moves down and spreads the MOG like a stock combine. The Spout is compatible with both Vane and PowerCast Tailboards.
A simple pintle style hitch with quick coupler hydraulic fittings and single electrical connector makes for easy connecting and disconnecting.
Caster Wheels
The caster wheels, equipped with torsion suspension, carry the weight of the accumulator and the front of the baler; minimizing weight on the rear of the combine.

Feed System
The conveyor and feed rolls provide an even flow of material into the baler, resulting in consistent, square shouldered bales.

In-Cab Operator Controls
Includes Spread/Collect Mode, Baler Gate Function, Auto/Manual Mode, and Spout Rotation. An LCD monitor displays shaft speed alarms, accumulator level and baler functions. Conveniently placed video cameras and a monitor allow you to view baling operation.
A hydrostatic pump is installed, powering a high torque, bent axis motor which drives the baler. A gear pump is driven off the straw chopper, powering the conveyor and feed rolls.
How It Works
Material Other than Grain (MOG) is propelled by the straw chopper into the spout which directs the material into the accumulator.

When the accumulator is full of MOG the baler and accumulator feed system engage. Material is fed from the accumulator into the baler. Once the hopper is empty; the baler and accumulator's feed system disengage.

Once the bale is the desired size, the baler wraps and ejects the bale while the accumulator collects the MOG. This allows for nonstop harvesting.

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