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Model Roof Types - Concrete Tank System



With the diversity on offer by a wide range of Biogas service providers it has been critical for A-Consult to develop its precast concrete tank system to allow the different types of roof installation required by the various process techniques.

  • Manufactured from biaxel reinforced fabrics with a high grade chemically resistant PVC coating
  • Operational pressures varying from 0 to 5mbar, higher pressures can be accommodated
  • Supplied with desulphurisation netting (netting strength 400kg/m2)
  • Offering maximum levels of gas storage with domes available to accommodate tank structures up to 40m diameter
  • Service openings available upon request
  • Available in Quarter Dome option, offering all the benefits of a standard double membrane roof but with a lower dome height to assist with potential planning restrictions.

  • Reduces emissions of both gas and odour.
  • Available in Grey or Green.
  • Openings available to allow over the top mixing.
  • Robust construction using UV resistant reinforced foil.

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