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Model SRX LP - Landfill Leachate Pump



 Landfill Pumps for Leachate Pumping and Gas Condensate Pumping in Landfills. The SRX LP is an air-powered pump used to extract leachate or gas condensate at variable rates equal to the well recharge rate. Pump flow rates are up to 35 l/min and operating temperatures up to 120 °C.

  • More Uptime
  • Reliable
  • Simple Routine Maintenance
  • Competitive Price
  • Few Parts - Low Inventory
  • Easy Replacement for Existing Pump
  • Lightweight

  • Advanced, positive-sealing air valves with built-in filtration
  • Tolerance for high temperatures (120 oC)
  • Complete disassembly with only one spanner
  • All Stainless-steel body
  • Domes botom to prevent hang-ups during installation
  • Durable Ebonite float

The SRX LP is installed to the desired drawdown level. It requires only three lines: air supply, air exhaust and fluid discharge. As liquid fills the pump, an internal float rises and opens the air inlet valve.  As air enters the pump it closes the bottom inlet check valve and fluid is expelled from the pump.  The float falls and as it nears it's rest (or empty) position, closes the air inlet valve. Liquid can now enter the bottom inlet valve again. As the pump fills under the fluid’s own static pressure, air is vented through the exhaust port and the cycle is automatically repeated based on the well recharge rate.

Air Valve Design
The advanced air valve design provides a leak-tight seal. This is accomplished with a special Viton ball on a stainless steel seat. The positive seal eliminates air leakage that can increase the formation of precipitates at the pump head. Assisted by an isolated magnet, the valve shifts positively, — every time. This prevents stalling even in slowfilling situations. No adjustments are necessary with this valve assembly.

Air Valve Filtration
The air valve incorporates 330- mesh stainless steel screens to prevent debris from entering the ball/seat sealing assembly, possibly causing the valve to malfunction.

On other pumps, when the air supply to the pump is turned off, the float will activate the air valve and create a pathway through which debris may enter the air valve and interfere with the proper seating of the ball. This is not a concern with the SRX LP pump.

Easy Access
To make routine maintenance easier, the air and exhaust valves on the SRX LP can be accessed from the top of the pump without disassembling the body. In addition, the internal valve assemblies can be accessed by removing the hose barbs.

Lightweight Control Rod
The lightweight control rod is a primary reason why the SRX LP does not stall. Less weight translates into less force to open the air valve. This ensures a quick, positive opening every time. The control rod is isolated from the energy that is created by the float movement, therefore eliminating any stress on the rod.

Pump Disassembly
The SRX LP pump is designed to be completely disassembled with just one wrench. Remove three bolts from the bottom assembly, slide the body off and remove two cotter pins to fully disassemble the pump. Simple!

Screen Inlet
The inlet screen assembly incorporates a domed bottom to better guide the pump during installation. To protect the screen from collapse, the screen assembly is supported by the arch at the bottom of the pump. For cleaning, the screen is easily removed by unthreading a single bolt.

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