Model TBR - Radio Transmitters



Radio transmitters autonomous  or  low-consumption


  • The PARATRONIC  range TBR (S) consists of sets Transmitters / Receivers low power radio, for the transmission and modal information logics, analog and digital.
  • Their low power consumption allows use on remote sites (tanks, rivers, ...)to ensure a reliable and cost management 'control / command' of your facilities.

EASY to use  and EFFECTIVE

  • The TBR (S) does not require any license or specific setting and can be used on routes of more than 5 Km
  • The basic module allows, depending on the version, to transmit up to two analog channels 4/20 mA, 2 counter inputs, 2 alarm inputs, 5 digital inputs and 2 outputs in return.
  • Sets Transmitters / Receivers TBR (S) have an RS485 serial link for data exchange in JBUS. They can also be associated with expansion modules to increase the number of I / O physical.
  • The wave emission occurs at a time step switch selectable (from 10s to 30min,depending on model) and on change of state of a channel alarm (eg intrusion).


  • Signage 'default' warns of failure of transmission or supply.
  • The choice between 9 channels adjustable by switch eliminates any possible interference or disturbance.
  • No special cables or coaxial or between modules or between module and antenna. This can be offset up? To 50 m using a cable 3 son.
  • The PARATRONIC range TBR (S) is guaranteed  for 2 years, including risk of lightning (1).


  • Large stock in all models of surge protectors.
  • Delivery within 24 hours.
  • Technical team support available  to meet your requirement.

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