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Moving Floor Groupbox


Clean and healthy calves grow faster and become better dairy cows. Moving Floor Groupbox is programmed to clean and distribute bedding automatically in your desired interval. Take care of the most important thing you have in your crew – your recruitment – your future cash cows!

  1. The floor area where the animals are eating is the dirtiest area
  2. At programmed intervals the floor rotates – manure is then scraped into the gutter and the rear floor of the box is refilled with bedding

Save time
A lot of time can be saved in calf rearing. Rationalize your day-to day work and spend the time saved on the calves

Save bedding
Tests show up to 70% bedding reduction in Moving Floor compared to deep straw beddings

Increased growth
Calves on Moving Floor has a 20-30% increased daily weight gain. Clean animals are healthy animals

Low energy consumption
Average energy consumption is 500 kWh per calf per year

Flexible financing
Moving Floor Groupbox is considered a movable property and can be financed through lease

Pay back
Average pay back is 2 years counted only on operational costs. Possible gains in animal health improvements not counted

Cost: 0,25 USD/calf/day
The average cost including financing costs is 0,25 USD per calf per day for a completely automatic cleaning innumerous times per day.

Low maintenance
No prior knowledge required to perform service. Average spare part cost per year is approx $ 30

Length: 4630 mm
Width: 2450 mm
Heigth: 1650 mm
Surface: 7,5 sqm
Volume: 600 kgs
Volume bedding dispenser: 400 liters

Mat: Rubber 4,5 m with two layers of fabric
Base: Wooden base covered with stainless steel
Sides: Compact laminate 6mm
Penning: Hot dip galvanized steel

Indoors or outdoors, in new barns or in renovated barns. The legs of the Groupbox can be adjusted to the existing concrete flooring.
Compressed air: 8 Bar (compressor not included, if installed outdoors the compressor must have dryer)
Control: PLC (transformer not included)

Electricity: 24 VDC
Drive unit: automotive brake chamber
Compressed air: 8 Bar
Consumption compressed air: 2 liters/movement

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