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It is now possible to clean a single box while the calf is still there. Simply pull the handle and the top cover underneath the calf will rotate and get scraped off. A soft mattress under the top cover will provide comfort to the calf. By cleaning out several times per day you increase hygiene and avoid flies. Cleaning single boxes just became very easy!

  1. The calf stands on a soft mattress and a topcover with bedding.
  2. When pulling the handle the top cover rotates and get scraped off.

Save time
A lot of time can be saved on calf rearing. Rationalize your day-to-day work and spend the time on the animals

A soft mattress in the base of the single box gives the calf comfort and saves bedding

Low maintenance
No prior training is needed to perform service. Average spare part cost per year is 10 USD

Moving Floor Singlebox is a movable that can be financed through leasing

Pay back
Pay back is 2 years calculated only on operational costs. Animal health benefits not included.

Cost: 0,2 USD/calf/day
The average cost including financing is 0,2 USD per calf per day.

Length: 1650 mm
Width: 1420 mm
Height: 1600 mm
Surface: 1,5 sqm
Weight: 120 kgs

Top cover: PVC 2,5 mm with two layers of fabric
Base: Wooden base with 20 mm latex mattress
Penning: Plywood 12 mm or compact laminate 6mm
Front gate: Hot dip galvanized steel

Indoor and outdoor, in new barns or renovated barns
The legs on the Singlebox can be adjusted according to the existing concrete flooring

The top cover of the Singlebox is rotated mechanical by pulling the handle. No energy is added. The patented mechanical drive ensures product reliability.

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