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Multi-Purpose Spill Berms



Our Spill Fast Berm Spill Berms Multiple Use are ideal for projects requiring a high functionality berm by providing a barrier between the leak and the environment or storing liquids. The containment berm can be used as drive-through berms for vehicles or as tank containment for tanks, drums, industrial equipment, or tankers.


To stay in compliance with EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations, the oil field and hydraulic fraccing industry  uses spill containment berms to contain steel fracking tank leaks.

Standard Liner Material: 22 oz XR-5 and 30 oz XR-5 (30 oz PVC & 40 oz urethane are available) Spill Berms, Containment Berm, Tank Containment, Drive-Thru Berms Spill Berms, Containment Berm, Drive-Thru Berms, Tank Containment.

  • 2 inch x 3/8 inch 6061/T6-aluminum bar stock used for side support
  • Versatile construction, with drive in/drive out ability (by removing angles or brackets)
  • Custom Containment Berm Sizes and Heights are available
  • Optional Accessories: Ground covers, cloths & liners, heavy duty tread pads, drain fittings, patch & repair kits, carry & storage bags.

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