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- Model Series DVS-DOS PC - Activated Sludge Treatment Plants



The NALDI Ecology biological sewage treatment plants of the DVS_pc and DOS_pc series were created to treat urban waste water which then delivered to surface water courses or to dispersion in the ground, preserving the environment and public health in full respect of the current current regulations regarding the reduction of environmental impact. es. applications: hotels, restaurants, cinemas, offices, schools, cottages, colleges, retirement homes, hospitals, tourist centers, multi-purpose structures, campsites, boarding schools, sports centers, ect.

These plants are cylindrical monoblock structures with vertical axis (the DVS_pc series) and horizontal axis (the DOS_pc series) able to guarantee excellent stability for the loads, above all thanks to the presence of a buffer tank upstream of the reactor called a storage tank where the incoming wastewater resides, which is then dosed with a dedicated flow rate in the second reaction station; they are made with PRFV (Glass Reinforced Plastics) that ensures a virtually unlimited life of the manufactured articles, a perfect impermeability, as well as lightness and manageability that reduce transport and installation costs.

The operating principle of the plants is based on the biological treatment with 'activated sludge' at low load: the organic polluting substance contained in the wastewater is used for the growth of aerobic microorganisms aggregated in sludge flakes and in this way the pollutant is removed. This process allows excellent purification yields as the 'activated sludge' operate in a lack of organic matter and simultaneously obtains the abatement of other substances, including the nitrogen present in ammonia.

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