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- Model Series DVS-DOS - Activated Sludge Treatment Plants



NALDI Ecoloiga series DVS -DOS biological sewage treatment plants are born for the purpose of treating urban waste water delivering in surface water courses or dispersing in the ground preserving the environment and public health. applications: hotels, restaurants, cinemas, offices, schools, cottages, colleges, retirement homes, hospitals, tourist centers, multi-purpose structures, campsites, boarding schools, sports centers, ect.

These plants are cylindrical monoblock structures with vertical axis (the DVS series) and horizontal axis (the DOS series) able to guarantee excellent stability for the loads; they are made with PRFV (Glass Reinforced Plastics) that ensures a virtually unlimited life of the manufactured articles, a perfect impermeability, as well as lightness and manageability that reduce transport and installation costs.

The operating principle of the plants is based on the biological treatment with 'activated sludge' at low load: the organic polluting substance contained in the wastewater is used for the growth of aerobic microorganisms aggregated in sludge flakes and in this way
the pollutant is removed . This process allows excellent purification yields as the 'activated sludge' operate in a lack of organic matter and simultaneously obtains the abatement of other substances, including the nitrogen present in ammonia.

In the basic treatment plant two sectors can be distinguished: a zone of biological oxidation and a zone of sedimentation and final clarification

In the first, where there is also a static grid with a fixed basket (which brakes the coarse part present in the incoming sewage), the frenetic activity of particular microorganisms collected in mud flakes allows the initiation of a refined process of organic load biodegradation using oxygen present in the air supplied by an electric blower with consequent development of energy useful for growth.

In the other section there is the sedimentation of the mud, with separation from the purified water that will then be discharged: the mud flakes will be sent back into the oxidation compartment by special diffuser-recirculators called ESSE fed by the same blower as above perform the dual function of aerating and recirculating. A second device particularly effective at the recirculation phase is housed near the inertial extraction septum of the clarified and, by touching the free surface of the liquid, helps to keep the surface of the section in question clean from the presence of any sludge flakes and anything else. can affect the qualitative yield of the effluent.

The main features of these systems are:

  • 90% purifying efficiency
  • low maintenance and management costs
  • total absence of bad smells
  • possibility of recovering the effluent leaving the plant for irrigation purposes.
  • compliance with the parameters from 1 to 8 and from 33 to 35 of the Tab. 3 surface waters annexed to the Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent amendments.

The system includes all the accessories necessary to guarantee the correct functioning of the system, in particular: pipes and fittings inside the tanks, static grid, recirculating aerators, side channel lubrication free blower, electrical control panel and timing Naldi Ecologia also supplies suitable chlorination compartments and any other accessory requested by the client or by the control bodies.

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