NAPL Recovery systems



We can offer all the necessary equipment including control systems, oil storage tanks with ATEX high level shut-off control, oil/water separators, compressors etc. Please see our reference section for an example LNAPL skimming project. With the exception of the pumps and in some cases the controllers, these systems are usually available for rental as well as sale.


Tech Tip: Where significant LNAPL thicknesses are present, timed product recovery can greatly increase the rate of LNAPL recovery. This is because continuous removal of product by skimming from the well allows the groundwater level in the well to rebound in the well to a level potentially higher than that in the surrounding formation. This can impede NAPL flow into the well both as a physical barrier and by displacing NAPL from the nearby soils around the well making the soil 'oil wet'.

Tech Tip: The addition of Soil Vapour Extraction to LNAPL skimming or Total Fluids abstraction can greatly increase the product recovery rate (Vacuum Enhanced Product Recovery). Sometime in excess of 100% improvement.

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