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- Model PTK-SSR - Soil Phosphate Test Kit



Measure Bioavailable Phosphate On-Site. These kits require the use of NECi’s Handheld Photometer, results are not colorimetric. Quick and Reliable Results, Easy to Use, Environmentally Benign. This reagent refill test kit will measure 0 ppm - 20 ppm Phosphate in soil and sediment samples to be analyzed with our handheld photometer.  If you do not yet have a handheld photometer, please view our introductory photometer package where you can complete the bundle with a test kit pack size of your choice. This method is based on the Methods X article published in April 2015, Determination of phosphate in soil extracts in the field: A green chemistry enzymatic method.  This method features small sample volumes, an enzymatic reaction, and green analytical chemistry.

  1. Collect Soil Samples, add to extraction tube and mix
  2. Add drop of extraction mix to enzymatic reaction cuvette
  3. Enzymes react with phosphate in sample
  4. Read measurement at 360 nm using NECi's handheld photometer
  5. View, track, store, and share results using any Android mobile device!

Number of tests - Product ID

  • 05 tests - PTK-S-05
  • 10 tests - PTK-S-10
  • 25 tests - PTK-S-25
  • 50 tests - PTK-S-50

  • Sample Collection Tubes 
  • Large Measuring Spoon(s)
  • Squeeze Bulbs of Buffer
  • Squeeze Bulb of Phosphate Standard
  • Reaction Cuvettes (contains enzyme + co-factor)
  • Pipettes
  • Cardboard Cuvette Holder
  • Set of Instructions

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