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New Source Review for pollution control (PSD/NSR)



New Source Review (NSR) is a pre-construction environmental permitting program intended to prevent air quality from being significantly degraded by the addition of a new facility or modification of an existing one. The NSR program also helps give the local community peace of mind by assuring them that any large new or modified industrial source will be as environmentally clean as possible and that industrial development can occur simultaneously with advanced pollution control.

NSR regulations must be addressed when a company adds a new facility or modifies an existing one. The two prime sets of NSR rules are Nonattainment NSR (NNSR) and Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) regulations. Proposed construction of a site or modifications to an existing major site in non-attainment areas are subject to NNSR permitting when potential emissions of the pollutants for which the site is not in attainment are above the “major” threshold definition for the specific non-attainment area.

PSD applies in areas that are in attainment for any pollutant for which a National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) exists. PSD permits are pollutant specific; one or several of the emitted pollutants may be subject to PSD requirements.

Argent’s air environmental consulting team is experienced in preparing thorough and meticulously reviewed NNSR and PSD permit applications.

Argent has achieved quick approval of NNSR/PSD permits and streamlined environmental compliance requirements for our clients by maintaining regular communications with regulating environmental agency personnel and staying abreast of environmental regulatory developments.

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