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Nonintrusive Liquid Flow/ No Flow Switch



The ECHO FlowSwitch is a simple, reliable Doppler flow switch and liquid velocity meter.  It is an encapsulated self-contained clamp-on flow sensor for dirty water and wastewater flow conditions.  It is low cost and pre-calibrated from the factory 0-20 ft/s (6.096 m/s) equals 0-5 VDC proportionally (higher velocities available as an option).  It can be custom ordered to any velocity range or provide a TTL Pulse output up to 5000 Hz with a K factor supplied on the calibration sheet.

It uses very advanced and unique Adaptive Zoom Windowing and Auto Flow-profile Algorithms to produce factory calibrated +/- 1.0% accuracy.  It is an economical solution to flow measurement in all pipe sizes from 0.75 to 30 inch diameters or as a flow switch in any size pipe greater than 0.75 inch diameter.

It requires no programming or calibration.  Just clamp it on the pipe and connect the velocity output.  That’s it!

Principle of Operation

The Doppler flowmeter utilizes the well known Doppler effect, which is named after Christian Doppler, who documented the effect in 1842.  In general terms it is the change in frequency and wavelength of a wave as perceived by an observer moving relative to the source of waves.  The ECHO FlowSwitch has an array of piezoelectric crystals; part of the array transmits a beam of high frequency ultrasonic pressure waves so as to form a fixed cross angle with the pipe axis.  As the beam travels into the non-homogeneous fluid, some energy is scattered back by solid particles or gas bubbles entrained in the wave, which is received and analyzed by the ultrasonic flow meter.  The different frequency is known as the Doppler shift.  This is linearly proportional to the fluid velocity.  As the internal cross sectional area of the pipe is easily measured so the volumetric flow rate is easily calculated.

Measures virtually any dirty liquid in any pipe - 60 day Performance Guaranteed!

  • Doppler Technology with High Accuracy +/- 1.0% of measured value (process conditions can reduce accuracy)
  • Low cost non-invasive flow switch and meter
  • Precalibrated 0-20 ft/s -  No Programming Needed!
  • Easy to install clamp-on transducer
  • Reliable measurements on any pipe from 0.75 to 300 inch diameters
  • Signal Strength output optional
  • Measure flow/ no flow or flow velocity without cutting the pipe
  • Zero head loss results in improved pumping efficiency

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