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- Balanced Broth for Optimal Microbial Activity


Micro-organisms play a key role in nature and mankind has learned to deploy their enormous variety of biochemical capabilities. Biological process steps have therefore become more and more common in industrial applications. The well being of the biomass has often become a critical factor in a sequence of process steps. The last decennia Colsen has developed a number of biological processes for industrial and communal water purification, for bio-energy production and for biological desulphurization. In order to obtain a “healthy” biomass in large proces installations, a nutrient rich broth was developed, which stimulates bacterial growth and supports the vitality of the biomass.

Over the past years Colsen has developed a broth rich in vital micro-nutrients for the sulfide removal from biogas (BIDOX®). NutriDox® is a non-hazardous nutrient concentrate which can be dosed directly and easily through micro-injection in the process.

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