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Nutrient Concentration & Water Reclamation System


Digested Organics has developed an exclusive ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) solution for manure nutrient concentration and water reclamation in partnership with one of the world’s leading innovators in solids filtration and separation. The Nutrient Concentration & Water Reclamation (NCWR)™ System can process raw manure and digestate (from any digester, including our BioEliminator™) and separate the flow into clean, reusable water–ideal for barn use or discharge–and concentrated liquid fertilizer.  With most materials, we can recover 70% of the total volume as clean water while concentrating the nutrients about 3x.

Our technology partner has led the industry in filtration and separation solutions for over 25 years with over 500 commercial installations since 1989 and over 60 awarded patents with a diverse product line in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, water, renewable fuels, and process recovery markets. We are now harnessing these decades of experience to bring a new solution for manure management to the dairy industry.

  • Reduced costs for land application of concentrated nutrients
  • Reduced odors, pathogens, and runoff
  • Reduced freshwater consumption through beneficial reuse of reclaimed water
  • Limitless opportunity for herd expansion

While  screw-presses remove a large fraction of the solids in manure and the digester removes most of the rest, some particles could pose a clogging hazard for the UF module (e.g. hair, wood, etc.). To help reduce the load of solids on the UF module and to protect the channels of the UF module from clogging, we use a vibratory screen. This system, pictured below, is capable of continuous filtration while using vibratory motion to discharge wet solids larger than the screen size. It has stainless steel contact surfaces for excellent corrosion resistance and requires very little maintenance. We chose this type of screen because it has been used in manure separation for decades, is a robust piece of equipment, and is a chemical-free way to remove many of the solids. Use of this screen will increase the life of the UF module, which is the biggest factor in reducing your overall treatment costs.


The screened liquid manure or digestate is then concentrated using our proprietary UF modules. Our unique module geometry ensures high filtration rates, easy cleaning, and long filter life. Our UF modules contain filter material with tiny holes in it, resulting in the capture of all of the suspended solids and some larger dissolved compounds. This step results in a thick concentrate stream that contains nearly 100% of the phosphorus and most of the organic nitrogen of the incoming material, as well as a stream that is free of any suspended solids (called the UF permeate).

The UF system is comprised the filter modules and the holder. The holder is two stainless steel plates that sandwich the filter module (yellow), as shown below.

What’s unique about this style of membrane filtration is that the design permits the liquid to travel throughout the membrane module evenly in parallel channels; meaning all of the membrane area is being effectively used. This results in faster filtration rates, meaning we can use fewer modules (read: lower cost) to get the job done. It also prevents solids clogging and enhances cleaning efficiency.  This shows the flow through the module:

The liquid that passes through the UF module is then pumped through RO membranes. These are industry-standard spiral membranes that look like 4” diameter pipes and have pores so small only water can pass through.  This step recovers about 80% of the UF permeate as clean water and generates a concentrate stream that contains mostly ammonia nitrogen and potassium.

The final step is an in-line UV disinfection system to ensure complete pathogen removal and the utmost safety of the water for reuse as drinking water or for discharge. Since nearly all organisms are considered to be removed by the UF and RO—this UV disinfection step is simply an extra precaution.

  • Fully automated (with remote monitoring)
  • Uses no polymers or flocculants--no chemical residue on fields
  • Continuous operation with little operator attention required
  • Energy efficient
  • Compact and space efficient
  • Proudly made in the usa

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