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- Sulfate Enhanced Bioremediation


Enhanced aerobic bioremediation technologies such as the iSOC gas inFusion technology or the use of oxygen releasing compounds such as TersOx are commonly used to accelerate naturally occurring in situ bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons, and fuel oxygenates such as MTBE and TBA, by indigenous microorganisms in the subsurface.  However, these indigenous microorganisms do not function well in the high contaminant concentrations of the source area. Moreover, the oxygen technologies have to overcome the anaerobic conditions of the source area and often the presence of iron.

Sulfate reduction and methanogenesis is the dominate natural degradation processes at most sites; and therefore, adding oxygen to the anaerobic portion of the plume may be disadvantageous.   

Nutrisulfate™ (U.S. Patent No. 7,138,060) stimulates biodegradation by providing a soluble, readily available electron acceptor solution.  In the presence of elevated sulfate, anaerobic groundwater bacteria use BTEX, MTBE and other petroleum hydrocarbons for carbon and energy while mineralizing the hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water.  Sulfate addition enhances natural conditions and reduces the carbon footprint when compared to conventional remediation.

Nutrisulfate™ is a high sulfate metabolic supplement designed to enhance the kinetics and efficiency of microbial systems specifically related to bioremediation of BTEX, MTBE, TBA and other petroleum hydrocarbons.  The increase in kinetics and efficiency decreases the remediation time and reduces the amount of substrate / amendment required.

  • Enhances anaerobic bioremediation of BTEX, MTBE and petroleum hydrocarbons
  • Enhances abiotic bioremediation
  • Increases bioremediation kinetics
  • Decreases remediation time
  • Reduces the amount of substrate required
  • Remedy will be faster, better and cheaper
  • Clean, low-cost, non-disruptive application (e.g., direct-push, wells and excavations)
  • Green sustainable chemistry

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