Odor Substances Monitoring


Odor substances monitoring can be provided by OdoWatch system developed by Odotech, Inc. It meets the requirements for continuous monitoring systems operating at the odor site of operators of dumps, waste composing, sewerage plants, industries and other originators of unpleasant odor. Permanent measurement and emission development forecast secures better management and process control, improves efficiency of methods for lowering emissions and speeds up the reactions of operation staff in case of an accident on the device. OdoWatch system consists of electronic noses, so called odo-noses (e-noses) placed on the area around the source, either at the odor substance source or on the perimeter of the odor contaminated area in a way that it is possible to characterize emission of all odor substances.

The electronic noses, once they are calibrated, are capable of recognizing all unpleasant odors emitted from the source. Sensor matrix of each e-nose is configured selectively for each odor, which is to be characterized to guarantee maximum selectivity and sensitivity of the sensor.
Wireless communication system Odotech sends data collected by individual noses to a central unit. Data accepted and evaluated by the central unit are then filtered, analyzed and saved in the memory of the central unit. Using modeling SW Tropos Impact or other modeling SW the central unit models the dispersion of odor substances by combining the data from the noses with the data from the meteorological station near the source. The final result is an odor path (alternative to smoke trail), which reflects the effects of odor substances on the ambient air.

ODILE Dynamic Dilution Olfactometer

The Dynamic Dilution Olfactometer ODILE NG (New Generation) quantifies odors using a panel. Its various electronic components fill several functions: presentation of dilutions to the panel, continuous analysis of the results and optimization of the preparation sequence of dilutions of the gas samples.
Thanks to its multiple functionalities, ODILE NG is the only instrument that quantifies odors using four different complementary techniques:

  • odor concentration and odor threshold determination
  • odor suprathreshold determination with comparison to a reference gas
  • hedonic scale assessment to determine the degree of appreciation
  • evaluation of the relative intensity of odors

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