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- Model OA - 5 - Liquid Leak Detector Device


Oil leak detection device provides 3 day (when battery operated) audible alarm and isolated relay contacts (DPDT) rated 1amp at 28VDC Max. which transfer and hold when activated - Ideal to tie into existing security panel or control panel. 100 db. alarm. Can also be used with RA-WM Remote Alarm and PR-WM Power Relay.

A small amount of oil (1/32 inch) seeping under Oil Alert activates it’s loud “on/off” alarm and/or relay contact output. The low profile dome shaped unit guards against undetected leakage in areas of oil lubricated / hydraulic equipment, standby generators, pressurized piping and fuel oil storage locations. Simply locate Oil Alerts in potential danger areas (see left).

Oil Alert is activated by liquid* reaching the sensing module,which is 1/32” from the surface. The pads B1 and B2 provide a gap between the case and the surface to admit liquid under the unit for detection. Once a leak has been detected, the Sensing Module simply un-plugs and a new sensor installed. Two Sensing Modules are furnished with each detector. Replacement modules available in two packs.

*Liquid leakage including clean or dirty oil (lubricating, diesel, fuel, cutting, general industrial),solvents, water etc. (conductive or non-conductive)

  • Two- 9 volt alkaline batteries required- lasts 1 year monitoring (not included)...may also be operated with Dorlen power supply or voltage module. (See page 5)
  • Rapid activation time 30-60 seconds typical for clean oil, 1-2 minutes for dirty oil.
  • 3 Models available to meet your specific requirements.
  • Made in the USA.
  • All units tested 3 times during manufacture.
  • Test button within detector verifies operation.
  • Designed for indoor use...operates from 25 F to 125 F...Relative humidity 10% to 90%.
  • “On-off” buzzer signaling distinguishes from back ground noise.
  • 5 Year Warranty and individual serial number printed on all units.


Oil leak detection device provides 3 day audible alarm (when battery operated) - Lowest cost - Ideal for local indication of leakage. Simply install 2-9V Alkaline batteries and locate in potential danger areas where an early warning is desired. 100db alarm.


Oil leak detection device provides output leads to signal SERIES 2100 Monitor, and 85 db. alarm.

Oil Leak Detection

  1. Epoxy encapsulated circuitry eliminates dirt, fungus, or humidity problems.
  2. Loud Piezo electric buzzer (100 db at 3 feet).
  3. Sensing Module: Replaceable, protected module will not be affected by dirt and dust like delicate 'prism' type sensors.
  4. Signal duration conservatively specified: Rated duration applies after one year of monitoring.
  5. 1/8th thick high-impact polystyrene dome shaped housing for strength and ruggedness.

Leak detection Devices for Liquids

*Liquid leakage including clean or dirty oil (lubricating, diesel, fuel, cutting, general industrial), solvents, water, etc. (conductive or non-conductive)

The OA and OA-5 can both be powered by 9v alkaline batteries, PS-3 power supply or by customer power with Voltage Module. OA-2100 is powered from the Series 2100 Monitor.

  • 9v Batteries: 2 required per detector, Alkaline type only.
  • PS-3: Power supply available from Dorlen. Will eliminate need for batteries in detectors.
  • Voltage Module: Will convert your 12 thru 24v AC or DC to 9vdc to power detector. One voltage Module per detector is required.

Dorlen Products manufactures oil leakdetection systems for a wide range of applications.

  • Elevator Pits Oil Detection: Prevent safety and liability issues.
  • Oil Storage Locations: Detect container leaks quickly.
  • Machining Centers: Detect oil leak early.
  • Hydraulic Equipment Oil Detection Sensor:Maintain operational efficiency.
  • Hydraulic Piping Leaks: Corrosion,o-ring failure, broken seal connections can be the cause of any hydraulic system to leak. Having a sensor alarm in place prevents costly loss of hydraulic fluid.
  • Remote Site Monitoring: Detect oil leaks even when you're away from the machinery. 
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