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Oil mist separators for crankcase and lubricating oil tank ventilation in cruise-ship, marine and offshore applications are not yet very common, but the demand is steadily on the rise. Internal combustion engines and/or gas turbines are used for propulsion or to generate electricity on every ship and every offshore platform. In most cases up to the present, the oil mist from the ventilation of the crankcase or the bearings has been discharged into the atmosphere along with the exhaust, thus ultimately ending up in the sea. Increasingly strict environmental protection laws and requirements for general cleanliness, particularly on cruise ships, mean that more and more attention is being paid to previously ignored sources of emission.

UT99 AG recognized this trend early on and from the outset focused intensive efforts on the special requirements involved in the use of oil mist separators on cruise ships and in other maritime and offshore applications. A modular oil mist separator for a broad range of uses was developed specially for these applications, and it was ultimately granted the world’s first and only Germanischer Lloyd (GL) and RINA type approval for an oil mist separator.

UT99 oil mist separators can also be used for the ventilation of fuel tanks (HFO/MFO) as well as the bilge system, sludge separators and other lubricating oil tank systems.

UT99 AG gained a strong business partner right at the start in the Meyer Werft GmbH & Co. KG company. After several tests with different oil mist separators from other manufacturers, the Meyer Werft shipyard opted for our products and they are now used in virtually all new ships.

The advantages of our oil mist separators have also convinced the operators of cruise ships and, in all cases that we are aware of, they have found their way into the requirement specification for new ships independently of the shipyard. Some cruise ships that had already been delivered were retrofitted with UT99 oil mist separators, or competitors’ products were replaced by our devices.

Our oil mist separators for crankcase ventilation on cruise ships are currently used on engines from MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, Wärtsilä and MaK.

An even broader distribution of UT99 products for crankcase ventilation in marine and offshore applications was achieved through a cooperative effort with MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. In the meantime, our oil mist separators are used on other ships as well (e.g. LNG carriers).

In addition to the market leadership in gas engines for combined heat and power plants with electrical outputs of 600 kW, UT99 AG has now also established itself as the market leader in cruise ship applications.

Since 2011, over 22 cruise ships as well as several LNG carriers and offshore platforms have already been equipped with UT99 oil mist separators. In 2016, the first mega yacht (length, 101 m) was equipped with UT99 oil mist separators in order to successfully eliminate severe contamination of the decks. The number of new orders for oil mist separators in the marine and offshore sector is increasing year by year. A trend is emerging where cruise ships are concerned – in many cases, oil mist separators are now considered standard equipment for internal combustion engine systems and the ventilation of lubricating oil tanks.

The quality, reliability, long service life, high separation performance, low energy consumption and the very good price/performance ratio have contributed significantly to this.

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