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- Model BA-200 - Oil Content Alarm Devices



Self-cleaning 15 ppm Oil Content Alarm built with U.S.C.G. and A.B.S. approvals, fulfilling all the requirements of IMO Resolution MEPC.60(33), suitable for detection of oil-in-water from 2ppm to >150ppm. Power requirements: 120VAC, 50/60 Hz at 60 watts. Equipped with a 6 hole #150 Navy flange.

General Description and Operation

The OilArm uses a much-tested electro-optical sensing system to measure the concentration of oil in water. A 3ml sample is drawn by a piston into a small glass chamber. A tiny light source shines through one wall of the chamber to two photodetectors on the other side. Any oil suspended in the sample absorbs light. The decrease in light transmission is measured by one photodetector, and the forward scattered light preferentially induced by oil is measured by the other photodetector, which is shielded from directly viewing the light source by an occluding rod. An electronic circuit algebraically combines the intensity on the two photodetectors to yield a measure of the concentration of oil. The dual approach minimizes interference from suspended solids or air bubbles. Water temperature and oil composition do not affect the reading.

Installation is easy and inexpensive. The sampling end of the sensor is inserted 6 to 12 mm into the stream to be sampled. The sensor is held in place by a 150lb Navy or optional ANSI 4-hole flange.


  • SELF CLEANING:Optical surface is cleaned each time it samples and expels water. Reduces maintenance and eliminates errors from fouled surfaces.
  • COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC OPERATION:Requires no attention from operators
  • EASILY INSTALLED:No troublesome tubing to connect.
  • RELIABLE ON-LINE SAMPLING:Provides real-time results every 8 seconds without distortion from tubing to off-line site.
  • RUGGED DESIGN:Marine grade 316 stainless steel, bronze and aluminum.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT:Weighs less than 8 kg
  • OPTIONS:The BA-200 is available in High Temperature (240F) and a NEMA4 Explosion Proof (Class I, Division I Group D) versions. Displays, 4-20mA outputs and 220VAC 50/60 Hz options are available.
  • APPROVALS:U.S. Coast Guard 162.050/3013/1, ABS OONN10170 and I MO Resolution MEPC.60 (33).

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