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Oilfield Frac Tank Comparison Page



During a fracking operations, an oilfield frac tank or other forms of frac water containment is required to store large quantities of water that will be used throughout the duration of the frac job. The four forms of fracking tanks offered are Smooth Wall Steel Tanks, Flexible Fracking Tanks, Flexible Tanks in ISO Storage Container, and Pit Liners.

  • Steel Tanks Storage Capacity: 500 or 600 bbl.
  • Long-Lasting
  • Smooth Walls for Cleaning and Reusing
  • Industry Standard: Proven to Provide Safe Water Storage in Oilfield and Fracking Conditions
  • V Shaped and Round Bottom for Easy Draining

  • Flexible Tanks Storage Capacity: 5000 to 210,000 gallons (approx. 119 bbl - 5000 bbl)
  • Can be made Reusable or for only one Time Use Depending on what Liquids you will be Storing
  • Walls Offer High Puncture Resistance (Though not the same as Steel)
  • Requires Less Tanks for Same Gallon Capacity
  • High Heat Retention
  • Compact Transportation: 1 Truck Equals about 9 Steel Tanks

  • ISO Container Tanks Storage Capacity: 150 to 300 bbl.
  • Flexible Tank Structure but with Steel Containment Walls
  • 20 foot or 40 foot ISO Container Option
  • Easy Transport and Set-up of the Tank
  • Tank is Disposable
  • Minimizes the Footprint

  • Pit Liners Storage Capacity: Can be made as Big or Small as your Pit Requires
  • Lines Pits and Ponds for Easy Frac Water Storage
  • Provides a Barrier Between the Ground and Water
  • Cost Effective

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