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- Liquid to gas vaporiser (LiGaVa)


The LiGaVa system vaporises any kind of liquid into the gas phase. Because time, volume stream, temperature and amount of liquid are all known variables, it is a highly standardised odour sampling system. It is also simple to operate: just inject a set volume of the liquid sample (e.g. a fragrance, aromatic, alcohol or fuel) into the LiGaVa, which will vaporise it. You can achieve the correct vapour pressure for your particular liquid sample by individually setting the evaporation temperature (up to 220°C). As the gas is formed, it streams into a connected sample bag at a constant volume flow rate. Once the liquid is in gaseous form, it is ready for various analyses.

  • Determine the odour detection threshold
  • Optimise your substance:perception ratio (linear or logarithmic scale)
  • Find out how the odour of your sample is perceived
  • Compare odourous samples
  • Determine the molecular profile of your odour sample
  • Optimise your formula

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