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Operation and Maintenance Services



We offer operation and maintenance services for energy production plants as well as industrial or municipal energy consumers. Pöyry has its own modern equipment for conducting these services.

Pöyry's main operation and maintenance services include:

  • Emission measurement services as a test laboratory (T062) accredited by FINAS (Finnish Accreditation Service) according to the SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard covering the following exhaust and flue gas compounds: particulates, oxygen, oxides of nitrogen and sulphur, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride, hydrocarbons volumetric flow and composition of gas
  • Calibration and comparison measurements (QAL-2 and AST) of continuous measurement systems in industry and energy production plants according to the SFS-EN 14181:2004 standard, using accredited reference methods
  • Measurement of following emissions: odorous sulphur compounds (both TRS and separate compounds), PCDDs/PCDFs, PCBs, chlorophenoles and PAHs, ammonia chlorine and chlorine dioxide, heavy metals, fine particles (PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10), condensible particulate matter
  • Performance measurements (boiler plants, steam turbines, gas turbines, cooling towers, desulphurisation units, NOx removal systems and electrostatic precipitators), wind power plants, regenerative thermal and catalytic combustion plants, solvent recovery plants
  • Condition monitoring, revision and operational tests for assessing the performance development of processes or individual components and need for overhaul and maintenance
  • Noise measurements and modelling (3D modelling of noise transmission to the area for environmental permitting needs)
  • Provision of technical advisors for annual overhauls and operation and maintenance planning

Extensive wind power measurements during development phase covering also arctic climatic conditions:

  • Implementation of meteorological measurements by means of mast measurements and supplementary soundings
  • Development of measurement systems

Wind power measurements in operational phase:

  • Commissioning, i.e. power curve measurements according to the IEC 61400-12 standard
  • operation and maintenance consulting
  • Energy efficiency assessment and benchmarking for power plants and process industry

The perception of the interdependencies of operation and infrastructure forms the basis of our solutions for an infrastructure which is adapted to economic efficiency and operational requirements. We particularly focus on the structural implementation under the 'rolling wheel'.

The objective of facility management is to keep facilities in an operationally safe condition taking operational quality and profitability into account. Our services in this field range from ascertaining the actual status (inspection) and damage surveys, and the planning and tendering of maintenance and sanitation measures through to the monitoring and final inspection of construction services. The services are rendered either individually or as a complete package.

In case of private railway operators we can offer the whole railway infrastructure management including the provision of a railway manager for the operation.

Our main services include:

  • Operation and maintenance concepts, manuals and planning
  • Operational recommendations concerning track planning and infrastructure
  • Tendering and supervision of maintenance and repair
  • Provision of the railway manager for private railways
  • Cost and time management
  • Coordination of safety and health protection
  • Emergency management, organisation of winter service
  • Setup and operation of information systems
  • Maintenance-Control for all civil structures
  • Infrastructure Management System (IMS) for economic analysis
  • Trackwork Control for on-site track diagnosis

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