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The Waveform Recorder provides waveform capture capability for all ALTM models. Benefits include true ground detection, increased return density, improved target separation distances, and improved classification results. Available as a small strap-on peripheral, the Waveform Recorder is shipped and installed in the field directly by clients in a matter of minutes. This standalone configuration also enables the Waveform Recorder to be moved from system to system as the need arises, giving surveyors the on-demand capability they need.

  • High recording speeds provide data capture rates up to 125 kHz
  • Intelligent digitizer automatically sub-samples collection rates above 125 kHz
  • Detailed pulse amplitude and cross-section information
  • Real-time display enables in-air quality feedback
  • Solid-state disk storage enables unrestricted flight altitudes
  • Captures the complete return waveform and calculates XYZI positions of the detected reflections
  • Timestamps waveforms with GPS time for synchronization with other ALTM data
  • Sophisticated processing algorithms provide accurate and precise datasets in LAS 1.3 formats

Natural Resources

  • Agriculture
  • Environmental
  • Forestry

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