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- Nitrogen Oxides Diffusion Tubes



Nitrogen oxides diffusion tubes provide long-term monitoring options with detection limits in the low parts per billion to parts per million range. These cost effective devices do not require specialist skills or time commitment and therefore give the user an efficient method for air quality monitoring.

Tubes are available for:

  • Nitrogen dioxide, (NO2) - $89.00 /pack of 10 with Prepaid Analysis.
  • Nitrogen oxides, (Nitric oxide, Nitrogen dioxide and total NOx).
  • Total NOx only
  • Simultaneous monitoring of Nitrogen dioxide and Sulfur dioxide (NO2/SO2).

These are Palmes-type diffusion tubes for passive sampling of pollutants over 2-4 weeks. Looking for faster results or shorter monitoring periods? Try our Rapid Air Monitor.

Sources of Nitrogen oxides:

  • Fuel combustion – power stations, off road equipment, vehicles, (in-vehicle concentrations of NO2 may be higher than measured ambient levels).
  • Biomass burning.
  • Natural processes.

Potential implications of Nitrogen oxides pollution:

  • Involved in ground-level Ozone formation.
  • Respiratory effects.
  • Aggravation of heart disease symptoms.

Nitrogen oxides form quickly from sources emitting fuel combustion products. It has detrimental health implications and is involved in ground-level Ozone production, which causes damage to plants. Monitoring can be conducted in many environments:

  • Outdoor air monitoring – roadside, industrial, natural process.
  • Forest management.
  • Traffic management.
  • Indoor air monitoring – buildings near busy road, in-vehicle concentrations.
  • Monitoring for health purposes.
  • Occupational monitoring (e.g. taxi drivers, bus drivers, machinery operators).

Tube options:

  • DIF100-20WA – NO2 tube with 20% TEA/Water absorbent
  • DIF100-50AA – NO2 tube with 50% TEA/Acetone absorbent
  • DIF150RTU-RA – NOx monitoring pack – two tube pack for NO, NO2 and total NOx
  • DIF500RTU-RA – Combined tube for NO2 and SO2


  • DIF1000 – Push-in plastic fixing clip
  • DIF3000 – Circular (drop-in) plastic fixing clip
  • DIF3001 – Rubber washer for DIF3000
  • DIF2000 – 360mm fixing strap
  • DIF2001 – 760mm fixing strap
  • DIFSHLTR-S – Shelter for up to 3 tubes (optional)

Analysis is carried out in our UKAS accredited laboratories. Results are provided within 10 working days or can be fast-tracked by arrangement.

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