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- Model LUFFT NIRS31 - Non-Invasive Road Sensor



The LUFFT NIRS31 is a non-invasive road weather sensor with optical principle. It is mounted several meters above the ground and can even monitor bridges. The LUFFT NIRS31 is a non-invasive road weather sensor working with optical principle and is mounted several meters above the surface at bridges or masts. It measures surface conditions such as wetness, ice, snow, or frost as well as water film heights, ice percentage in water, and freezing point temperature. Through these measurements, it generates the friction coefficient on the road or runway.

  • Parameters measured: Layer thickness of water, snow and ice, surface conditions (dry, damp, wet, snow, ice), friction, optional: road surface temperature
  • Measurement technology: Optical principle, pyrometer
  • Product highlights: non-invasive, easy to install and add to existing measurement networks, friction measurement, real time data providing
  • Interfaces: UMB-binary, SDI-12, ASCII-UMB, analog outputs in combination with digital-analog-converter DACON8-UMB

  • Non-invasive and easy to install
  • Open UMB protocol
  • Can be even mounted on bridges
  • Onsite calibration
  • Real-time data
  • Analoge outputs in combination with 8160.UDAC

  • For winter maintenance operators as part of road weather stations on roads, motorways, highways (municipalities, federal states and provinces)
  • For smart cities
  • For airports, installed on runway as important part of the IDS (ice detection system) and water film height detection (aqua-planning risk)

  • General :
    • Dimensions : H. ca. 425 mm, W. ca. 225mm, D. ca. 285mm
    • Weight : 10 kg
    • Storage conditions :
    • Permissible ambient temperature : -40...70°C
    • Operating rel. humidity : <95% relative humidity non-condensing
  • Operating Conditions :
    • Operating voltage : 24 VDC ±10%
    • Power consumption : Approx. 40VA
    • Operating temperature : -40...60°C
    • Protection type : IP65
  • Layer Thickness :
    • Layer thickness : Water, Snow, Ice
    • Principle : Optical
    • Measuring range : 0...2mm (snow 0 ... 10 mm)
    • Resolution : 0.01mm
  • Surface Conditions :
    • Surface conditions : Dry, Damp, Wet, Snow, Ice
  • Friction :
    • Friction : Measurment range 0...1 (critical ... dry)
  • Road Surface Temperature :
    • Principle : Pyrometer
    • Measuring range : -40 bis +70°C
    • Accuracy : 0,8°C
    • Resolution : 0,1°C

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