Passive Skimmer Canister



The Passive Skimmer utilizes the F.A.P. Plus skimmer to provide a 900mm floating intake for the recovery of free phase products such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. It is used when minimal product is present or slow recovery rates are expected. For passive recovery of products with higher viscosity, the 4 in high viscosity skimmer (TR-25410) is used. This system provides a floating intake of 750 mm.

The clear PVC collection canister uses a quick connect fitting to attach it to the skimmer and provides venting through the skimmer support hollow rod. The bottom of the canister incorporates a petcock for easy draining. The petcock assembly can be removed allowing an extension canister to be threaded into the existing canister to increase the volume of free product that can be recovered. Additional weights are included with each canister and must be used for proper installation.

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