- Industrial Pneumatic Panel



The pneumatic Phoenix is a higher specification, rugged model and is recommended for high duty applications. The PLC-based control system is housed in a NEMA enclosure. Ideal for industrial, hazardous, hot and wet environments.

Photo illustrates customized panel to operate two Phoenix's in parrallel.

  • Automotive - Deluge and pretreatment stages, parts washing, machine coolant, and process cooling.
  • Pulp and Paper - White water, spray nozzle protection, vacuum pump seal water, and river intake.
  • Food Processing - Flume water, wash water, and waste water.
  • Chemical Processing - Process fluids and protection of analytical equipment.
  • For additional applications, please contact Zero Gravity Filters or your local representative

  • Uninterrupted flow during backwash increases system up-time.
  • Fully automatic, 100% self-cleaning operation saves labor.
  • Stainless steel filter element eliminates disposable media and associated costs.
  • Minimal moving parts through simplicity of design reduce maintenance and operating costs.
  • Precision engineered gap ensures efficient particle retention and removal.
  • Compact design saves valuable floor space.
  • Centrifugal “turbo” action optimizes backwash frequency by allowing larger proportion of debris to remain in suspension.

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