Krause Manufacturing Inc (KMI)

Polishing Screen



The Polishing Screen has the best and latest technology with high co-efficient rubber discs that grab the fiber materials and elliptical disc lobes that generate an action causing the containers to bounce and roll. As the lobes on one rotor are retreating the lobes on the facing rotor are advancing and it generates an opening size allowing fine materials, such as broken glass, to fall out of the stream while fiber material advances.

Features & Benefits:

  • 5-10 HP Drive (RH or LH), depending on width
  • Anti-wrap split rubber discs
  • 1-1/2″ square openings
  • Synchronous belt drive
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Variable angle adjustment
  • Separates 2D fiber from rigids (fiber over top, rigids out the bottom)
  • Feed rate – up to 5 – 7 tons per hour
  • Available sizes
  • 80″, 100″, and 120″ wide

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