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The instrument for algae class differentiation and total chlorophyll measurement. The bbe FluoroProbe is a highly sensitive measuring instrument for the analysis of chlorophyll-a with algae class distinction. Individual profiles during the measurements are taken for green algae, blue-green algae/cyanobacteria, diatoms/dinoflagellates and cryptophytes. This enables the analysis of the occurrence and distribution, of e.g. blue-green algae, on site without the necessity of the laboratory. Possible interferences due to yellow substances are eliminated by an integrated CDOM correction factor. The FluoroProbe can quickly and reliably determine the chlorophyll content of different algae classes down to a depth of 100m (optionally 1000 m). The measurement data can be displayed in real time on a PC or be stored in the probe for subsequent evaluation.

The fluorescence of algae (emission at approx. 700nm wavelength) due to excitation by visible light mainly depends on the presence of chlorophyll-a, a common pigment in the plant world. The occurrence of other pigments is typical for the different algae classes. Interactions between these different pigment systems with chlorophyll-a results in a special excitation spectrum for the taxonomical algae classes.

The special patterns of this algae fluorescence - so-called fingerprints - are used in the bbe fluorometers for the quantification of different algae classes. The excitation light sources are LEDs with different wavelengths. The fingerprints of four algae classes and of yellow substances are already stored in the FluoroProbe. Special user-defined fingerprints can also be added.

  • determination of green algae, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), diatoms and cryptophytes
  • up to 4 other algae classes can be calibrated by the user
  • up to 4 measurement per second
  • yellow substances correction and compensation of interferences by UV-LED
  • reduces the number of required microscopic laboratory examinations
  • internal rechargeable batteries
  • internal datalogger
  • PC software for data analysis
  • options: pressure sensor, transmission measurement,  GSM modem

  • environmental monitoring
  • early warning system and general montoring of algae blooms in limnological and marine waterways
  • detection of not only chlorophyll but also pigments such as phycocyanine and phycoerythrine, fucoxanthine and peridinine
  • aquaculture monitoring
  • dam monitoring
  • algae distribution in the extreme lovations such as Arctic/Antarctic
  • oceanographic research
  • limnological research
  • research and teaching
  • tracer measurements

The software of the FluoroProbe facilitates detailed data analysis. All measurement data can be displayed numerically or graphically. Sections of data measurements can be recorded and printed using the zoom function. Data can also be exported to a spreadsheet program (e.g Excel). All settings and calibrations are performed by the software.

The screenshots below show examples of profiles of algae distribution in the Plussee (lake in Northern Germany) recorded in June 1999. The measurements were made at the same location at 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon respectively. The chlorophyll of the dinoflagellates were predominant in the group given in yellow. The change in the depth profile can be traced back to a vertical movement of the dinoflagellates, which actively moved to a deeper level due to adaptation to the current nutrient level.

The specific adaptation of the individual algae groups can be detected due to the cryptophytes, the maximum of which was found at about 5 m depth and did not change during the observation period. Blue-green algae and green algae also show a distribution in the depth profile, which is independent of time.

The FluoroProbe can now be operated on moored platforms, submersed from buoys or fixed measuring stations using the Hydro-Wiper (made by Zebra-Tech Ltd, NZ). The wiper brushes can be set to periodically clean the lenses of the measuring chamber to remove biofilms and dirt which builds up over long periods of operation.

The Mobile Submersible Probe:

Fast and flexible chlorophyll concentration and algae class determination throughout a body of water 

Laboratory Operation with a Workstation 25:

A workstation for 25ml glass cuvettes with a stirrer unit is available for laboratory operation. For more information, please see Ordering Info.

BenthoFluor Kit

The bbe FluoroProbe can also be equipped with an adapter kit with different measuring heads for the benthic algae. More details can be found under BenthotFluor Kit.

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