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- Sensors for Peracetic Acid


Graduated measuring ranges 1 – 2,000 mg/l. Measurement of peracetic acid concentration with DULCOTEST sensors: Precise and reliable for disinfection in safety-sensitive applications in the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Can also be used in waste water treatment.

Reliable online measurement of peracetic acid – with DULCOTEST sensors.

Our product line of DULCOTEST peracetic acid sensors provides two types of sensor for different measuring ranges.

Your benefits

  • Precise, real-time amperometric measurement for efficient process control
  • Amperometric measuring means no clouding or discolouration
  • Use of sensors if hydrogen peroxide is present without cross sensitivity
  • Use of sensors if dissolved matter, surfactants and film-forming media are present without damage to diaphragm
  • Use of sensors under process conditions with CIP (cleaning in place) and rinsers (bottling)
  • Stable zero point means no drift

  • CIP (cleaning in place)
  • Bottling
  • Disinfection in pharmaceutical and medical technology
  • Waste water treatment

  • Measuring range Type PAA 1-mA-200ppm: 0-200 ppm
  • Measuring range Type PAA 1-mA-2000ppm: 0-2000 ppm
  • Conditions of use: Temperature up to 45 °C, pressure up to 3 bar (30 °C)

Peracetic Acid Sensor PAA 1-mA

Sensor for the measurement of peracetic acid without cross-sensitivity towards hydrogen peroxide. For use in contaminated washing and waste water

  • Measured variable: Peracetic acid, without cross-sensitivity towards the accompanying chemical, hydrogen peroxide
  • Diaphragm-covered sensor minimises faults caused by changing flow or ingredients in the water
  • Resistance to films of dirt by pore-free diaphragm
  • Measured variable : Peracetic acid
  • Reference method : Titration
  • pH range : 1.0 … 9.0 (peracetic acid stability range)
  • Cross sensitivity : Ozone, chlorine dioxide, chlorine, bromine
  • Temperature : 1 … 45 °C
  • Admissible temperature fluctuation : 0.3 °C/min
  • Response time sensor t90 : ≈ 3 min
  • Max. pressure : 3.0 bar, (30 °C, in DGM)
  • Intake flow : 30…60 l/h (in in-line probe housing DGM or DLG III)
  • Supply voltage : 16...24 V DC (two-wire technology)
  • Output signal : 4…20 mA ≈ measuring range, temperature-compensated, uncalibrated, not electrically isolated
  • Selectivity : Peracetic acid selective towards hydrogen peroxide
  • Installation : Bypass: open sample water outlet
  • In-line probe fitting : DGM, DLG
  • Measuring and control equipment : D1C, DAC
  • Typical applications : Scouring in Cleaning in Place (CIP), rinsers, also suitable in the presence of cationic and anionic tensides. The selective measurement of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide is possible.
  • Resistance to : Salts, acids, alkalis, surfactants, dirt films
  • Measuring principle, technology : Amperometric, 2 electrodes, membrane-covered