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- Multi-Screw Feeder



Reduce costs with precision and reliability when metering dry products. Tomal Multi-Screw Feeders reduce the costs of your production process by providing consistent emptying and precision metering. This avoids expensive metering errors and achieves the optimum recipe. Thanks to its robust and intelligent design the feeder is extremely reliable and low-wear, and helps to reduce maintenance and downtime costs. The multi-screw feeders are manufactured in a large number of types to cover almost any application.

  • Excellent dosing precision
  • Linear discharge curve
  • Forced discharge and self-cleaning
  • Sturdy, low-wear construction
  • Large selection of types
  • Customised constructions for the food and pharmaceutical industries

  • Cellulose and paper industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Glass and porcelain manufacturing
  • Clarification plants
  • Flue gas cleaning systems
  • Construction materials industry
  • Regulation of pH in rivers and lakes

Technical Details
  • Robust construction for low wear.
  • Number of intermeshed and counter-rotating feeder screws, which form a blocking zone and thus prevent product on flow when at rest.
  • Material extraction along the entire active inlet surface of the metering unit.
  • Self-cleaning construction.


  • The volumetric TOMAL® metering unit can be disassembled in combination with weighing technology to form a gravimetric metering system. This is ideal with large fluctuations in bulk weight/density.
  • Level sensors to detect bridge formation

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