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- Model ULDa - Metering Systems


Extraction rates of up to 2,000 l/h. The ProMinent metering system Ultromat ULDa is an automatic polyelectrolyte preparation system. It is useful wherever polymers need to be automatically prepared as polymer solutions to act as flocculation aids.

A good solution when preparing polymer solutions as flocculation aids.

Ultromat ULDa double-decker systems are used to process liquid and powdered polymers. The system consists of two separate PP storage tanks, stacked above each other, preventing product carry-over. The polymer solution is batched in the upper storage tank and can be transferred to the lower storage tank once the maturing time has elapsed.

  • Processing of liquid polymer (0.05-1.0%) and powdered polymer (0.05-0.5%).
  • No mixing of fresh and matured polymer.
  • Wide range of versions for specific applications.
  • Operator-controlled input of the solvent concentration and calibration of powder metering unit and liquid concentrate pump.
  • Water fitting with flow meter and fitting set for the dilution water.
  • Gentle mixing of the polymer solution (electric stirrer).

Technical Details

Siemens S7 – 1200 compact control system and KTP 400 touch panel

  • PLC Programmable Logic Controller optionally fitted with PROFIBUS and DP/DP coupler
  • Optionally fitted with Profinet and PN/PN coupler
  • Optionally fitted with Modbus TCP

Technical Data

The following types of polymer can be processed:

  • Liquid polymers (0.05 – 1.0 %)
  • Powdered polymers (0.05 – 0.5 %)

Selectable components:

  • Tank size/extraction rate
  • Construction (normal or mirror image)
  • Electrical connection
  • Control S7 – 1200 (with and without PROFIBUS®/PROFINET/Modbus TCP)
  • Powder feeder
  • Vibrator for powder feeder unit (promotes the movement of polymer)
  • FG205 powder feeder/top hopper (for filling and feeding the powder feeder unit)
  • Liquid concentrate pumps of types Sigma, Spectra, DULCOflex
  • Monitor for liquid concentrate pump (float switch / flow monitor)
  • Flush valve (Y-flush inlet or wetting cone)
  • Language (pre-set language for the control panel)

The standard scope of delivery includes among other things:

  • Pause function/operating message/running dry function
  • Monitoring of the re-dilution unit
  • Lifting lugs

  • Potable water treatment
  • Waste water treatment (industry and local authorities)
  • Sludge de-watering
  • Paper production