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- Model 4 - Ultimate Detector for Iron and Steel



The Proton 4 is the ultimate detector for iron and steel targets.  It has a one gamma sensitivity, which is the maximum practical sensitivity for a towed magnetometer. It's maximum range capability of 1500 feet on each side (3000 foot total swath) lets you search a wide area quickly and completely.  The mag is also a good choice to locate a variety of smaller targets such as pipelines, anchors, chains, cannons, dredge heads, etc.  It is especially useful when objects are buried in the bottom and can't be found with sonar or video search systems.  The detection range is unaffected by the medium between the magnetometer and the metal target.


Performance does not change whether detecting through air, water, silt, sand, or solid coral. It's extremely large detection area make this magnetometer the ideal choice for both commercial operations and professional wreck hunters. The Proton 4 is in use by military units, law enforcement agencies, and commercial diving companies world wide.

This high performance marine magnetometer is ruggedly built and easy to operate. The topside console has both audio and visual alarms for target detection. Connect a GPS and position coordinates with mag readout data can be captured with the optional Tracker software. The control box has an adjustable sensitivity switch that lets the operator select maximum sensitivity for open water searches or a lower sensitivity setting to work in rivers or harbors where steel structures may be nearby.  A cycle time switch lets the operator choose a 2, 3, or 4 second cycle time. An adjustable audio alarm lets the operator decide how much of a change in the baseline reading will cause the alarm to fire. When searching for small targets, low alarm settings alert the operator to small changes in the readout. Higher alarm settings cause the alarm to fire only when a significant ferrous metal object is detected.


Optional Tracker 3 software shows the path of the boat as it moves over the search area along with a cascading waterfall of the mag readouts and the GPS position associated with each read out. When a target is detected, the readouts and coordinates change color so the operator can quickly see when and where a target is detected. At the bottom left of the screen is a graphical representation of the last 1 minute to 1 hour of mag readouts. When a target is detected a spike or deep V is drawn on the graph.  In addition to the mag and GPS data, other information displayed are the boat's speed, compass heading, and the sensitivity setting selected by the operator.

The Tracker map can be exported as a image with a KML file to allow it to be easily overlaid on other mapping programs (as shown at the right). All data can be stored on the PC hard-drive or disk.

The Proton 4 system includes the towfish, 150 feet of cable, and a top-side control unit. The control unit features easy to read LCD display, audio alarm, and variable sensitivity switch (for pinpointing targets). Options include 300 foot tow cable, UA-2 altimeter, RS232 data output, GPS interface, Tracker 3 data collection and storage software; 500 and 1000' depth rated versions are also available. The complete system is powered by two 12 volt batteries with a total power consumption of only 40 watts.

Note: In central South America (ie Brazil) the magnetic field is so weak that magnetometers do not work well. If you are located in SA contact the company regarding your location before ordering.

Key Features of the Proton 4:

  • Commercial grade construction, extremely large detection range, faster towing speeds than Pulse systems, and ability to make a permanent record of mag readouts with position coordinates.
  • The Proton 4 is backed by Fishers exclusive, unconditional TWO YEAR warranty.

  • 300' Cable: Price: $995.
  • 500' depth capability and cable: Price: $3,995.
  • 1000' depth capability and 1000' cable: Price: $6,995.
  • Cable Management Systems: Price: $2,995 / $3,495
  • DDW-1 Deep Dive Wing (for deep water towing): Price: $1,295.
  • UA-2 Altimeter (to measure distance off bottom): Price: $1,895
  • RS232 Output (includes detector output and your GPS data) - see below for software: Price: $795.
  • Tracker 3 data collection and storage software: Price: $995.

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