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Parker Systems is the original creator of OilSnare® (a.k.a. snare, snare boom or some call them pom poms). PSI specifically developed this oil snare for heavy oil adsorption. OilSnare products are for the recovery of Bunker C, Crude Oil, and Numbers 4, 5, & 6 oil. OilSnare utilizes the oil’s natural stickiness to snare within thousands of plastic tentacles to pick up the oil. OilSnare is operative even in subfreezing conditions, and are packaged in three different types -singles, rope, and boom.  OilSnare is made up of flat polypropylene ribbon yarn in a patented loop design configuration.

OilSnare Singles are in bags of 30 units.

  • Helpful with oil/water separators
  • Easy capture of stray globs of oil on the water
  • Handy for cleaning rocks and pilings.

OilSnare on a Rope comes on a 50’ rope, with 30 OilSnare units attached.

  • Sandy, rocky beach and marshland applications
  • Can be secured to the shoreline.
  • Easily retrieved.

OilSnare Boom comes on a 40’ rope, with 50 OilSnare units attached.

  • Filter fences for viscous oils
  • Much better than “sausage” type booms for moving slicks
  • No gaps

OilSnare can also play a big role as a containment tool on spills that have been treated with dispersants. Snare is hydrophobic, Oleophilic, non-toxic or corrosive, non-scattering, inert, floats (will not sink) indefinitely.

OilSnare products have been used over 40 years on every major oil spill in the USA and many oil spills around the world. These products will typically recover from 20 to 60 times its own weight, depending on the viscosity of the oil.  The thicker the oil the better it works. OilSnare products are patented in Canada and USA.  A requirement by the Japanese government for most fishing ports nationally.  Tested and proven performance by oil spill contractors worldwide, international and domestic government agencies, environmental consulting firms, and universities.

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