- Model Cleandrill - Biodegradable Drilling Fluid



PUREGOLD CLEANDRILL is a bentonite free powder designed for special conditions associated with drilling horizontal directional recovery wells for groundwater remediation. PUREGOLD CLEANDRILL controls and helps maintain formation permeability and porosity.

PureGold CleanDrill is designed for use in drilling operations where bentonite based drilling fluids are restricted and a biodegradable drilling fluid is recommended.

  • Decreases filtration rate in unconsolidated formations
  • Elevated yield point and gel strength for efficient cutting suspension and transport
  • Enhanced viscosity for efficient borehole cleaning
  • Improved borehole stability for easy well installation
  • Increases recovery rate of contaminants during remediation
  • Preserves porosity and permeability of formation
  • Soluble in water, and disperses easily with moderate shear

PureGold CleanDrill is compatible with a wide range of make-up waters. Add slowly and uniformly through a high shear jet-type mixer over one or more cycles of the volume of slurry. Continue to mix and agitate the slurry until all ingredients are dispersed. PureGold CleanDrill breaks down chemically by adding calcium hypochlorite or LE B-CD.

  • 50 lb (22.7 kg) bag, 40 per pallet. All pallets are plastic-wrapped.

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